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January 8, 2012
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It was a beautiful summer's day and you were enjoying it in your favorite ice cream parlor. You were about to start enjoying your vanilla ice cream when you heard screaming over by the counter.

"What?! How can they be out of vanilla ice cream?" "I'm sorry sir but there hasn't been a new shipping yet and we gave the last scoop out already." You looked to see who was causing the commotion and you see a tall man with blue hair. He was wearing a black shirt that read 'scream for your ice cream' in blue letters and wearing blue shorts. He looked perfectly normal except for the fact he was wearing a long light blue scarf.

"How could he wear a scarf when it's so hot out?" You wondered and then looked down at your ice cream and decided to be nice and give it to the man. You looked out of th corner of your eye and you saw the man at the door.

"Hey wait!" You called out hoping the man heard you and by luck he did. He looked back at you with a confused look on his face. You walked up to him and held out the vanilla ice cream. He looked at the ice cream then back to you and was still confused.

"You can have this." You said with a smile on your face. After you said this his expression changed he smiled widely and his eyes seem to brighten. "R-really?! Do you mean it?!" He stammered with excitment. "I don't even know you but you're doing something so nice for me!" You giggled at his excitment and said, "My name is ______ and are you going to take this ice cream?" "Oh yeah!" He excitedly grabbed the ice cream and started to lick it.

He looked kinda adorable and looked kinda looked like a little kid. "Well enjoy that ice cream." You said and turned to walk away but was stopped by him grabbing your wrist. "No I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Kaito and would you like to come over my house to hear a song I wrote? It feels like an appropriate way to repay you." You blushed a bit and stammered, "S-sure Kaito. But I wouldn't be bothering anyone will I?" He just smiled "No most of my family is out."

"O-ok. So meet you-" "At 3 and here's my adress." He said with another smile and quickly writing his adress on a napkin and handing it to you. "See you there." He smiled and walked out happily with ice cream in hand. "This should be interesting."


"I hope this is the right house." Looking at the paper then back at the house. "Only one way to find out." You said walking up and ringing the door bell.

"Ah! ______ you came! Glad to see you again!" Kaito said with a smile and giving you a hug. Blushing a bit you stammered, "Kaito stop your gonna make the ice cream I bought you melt." He stopped and once again his eyes got bright again. You held out the container of vanilla ice cream and said, "This time we can share it." "He smiled and quickly pulled you inside.

"Your house is beautiful Kaito." You said looking around at everything. "Why thank you. You can take a seat on the couch and I'll go get spoons and the song lyrics." He said smiling and running upstairs.

You sat down and you continued to look around until you heard the door click and you heard, "Miku I don't get why you like leeks so much. They're not that special." "Rin! They're delicious! How can you not see that?" "Ugh you two." The door opened and you see four people standing there, two girls and two boys.

The one boy one boy who looked like the oldest had long purple hair and wear simple black t-shirt with and eggplant on it and long black jeans. The next one was a girl the next oldest most likely had long green twin tails held by some weird hair clips and wearing a t-shirt with a barrage of colors and a black skirt. The next two were no doubt twins of the same age they both had blonde hair but the girls was down in the back and the front was being held by clips, while the boys was held up in the back like a small ponytail and the front was kinda spiked everywhere. The boy was wearing a muscle shirt that was white and had a banana on it and was wearing knee length black shorts. Wile the girl was wearing a tank top that was white with a pink bunny on it and wearing black short shorts with a clip going to a front belt loop to the back.

"Who is this?" The blonde girl asked looking at you. "I'm-" "Probably Kaito's girlfriend." The purpled hair man interuppted you and crossed his arms. You blush "No I'm just-" "That's so cute! Kaito has a girlfriend!" The green haired girl and blonde haired girl said in unsion. You turned even more redder and the blonde haired boy said,"Could we let the poor girl speak? Also introduce yourselves it's only polite. I'm Len." "Ok. I'm Rin! I'm his twin sister if you couldn't tell." "I'm Miku! Pleasure to meet you!" The purple haired man remained quiet. "Hey be nice." Miku said to him. He remained quiet.
Then Len sighed and grabbed one of the leeks that seemed to be scatter about. "Easy way or hard way" He said with leek in hand. Still he remained quiet. "Hard way it is." Len then ran to him and whacked him over the head multiple times with the leek. "Alright! Alright! My name is Gakupo!" The man finally said and Len stopped. "Was that so hard?" Rin looked at Gakupo.

"Anyway. So who are you?" Miku looked in your direction. "Oh yeah." You said while you were still trying to process what just happened. "I'm ______. I'm here because your brother is going to sing me a song to make up for me giving him my ice cream." "Ah that's just like Kaito too." Rin giggled.

"Hey _____! I'm sorry that took so long! My room is kinda a mess!" You heard Kaito scream as he ran out of his room. "Oh hey, when did you all get here?" Kaito looked at everyone. "We got here a few minutes ago." Gakupo said looking at Kaito. "So what song are you going to sing to her Kaito?" Rin and Miku looked at Kaito with stars in their eyes. "Uh nothing." He said nervously. "Come on Kaito tell us!" They said getting closer to him. "Uh______. You want to go to the backyard?" He asked fastly towards you. "Sure." You managed to say before grabbing the ice cream and you out the door.

"Well you met some of my family." He said rubbing the back of his head and laughing. You couldn't but help but to laugh too.

Kaito handed you a spoon and opened the ice cream "Let's dig in shall we?" You both smiled and grabbed a spoonful. "Cheers!" You both said happily and clang spoons together and ate your first spoonful of ice cream. After a few minutes went by that ice cream was gone and both of you were really happy. "So Kaito what song are you gonna sing?" You looked at music sheet in his hand. "Oh yeah I almost forgot! It's called Scissorhands. It's a work in progress so tell me what you think." He smiled and opened his mouth and started singing :
'Give me love, give me love, give me love, give me some love
Give me love, give me love, give me love
That's all that I want

The snow resting on my fingertips
Doesn't seem to be melting at all
Somewhere in this heart of tin of mine
There's someone, or no one, thats laughing

Reflections of the scenery
They're all turned and twisted

My hand holding, my hand holding
My hand that is holding your face
Even if you're right there, and I'm right here, I can't feel it
And if it's so, and if that's so
Then whats there left for me to do
Then can I really watch over your smile?'

He looked at you and asked, "What do you think?" You looked at him "Kaito that was so beautiful." He looked back at you "Thank you ______. I've been waiting for the right person to sing that work in progress to and I found her." You blushed and said "Really Kaito?" "Yes really _____." He took your face in his hands and kissed you. You kissed back and put your hands around his neck deepining the kiss.

"Awwww! Look at them!" Rin and Miku said. "Told you she was Kaito's girlfriend." Gakupo said. You and Kaito both blushed and looked at each other. "So _____ will you be willing to come over for another ice cream-song session?" He asked. "Yeah I am but how about at my house instead?" You replied giggling at him. "Alright." He laughed and giving another kiss. "Awwww! They're so cute!" Rin and Miku once again said. Kaito just threw the empty ice cream container at them. They ran back inside and you two just laughed.

He wrapped his arms around you and gave you kiss on the forehead "I love you _____" " I love you too Kaito." You smiled at him and you both looked at the night sky.

Who knew ice cream could be a match maker?
Kaito X Reader!! :D

Hope you all like! If you want another vocaloid one let me know. Also choose who you want next! 8D Or from an anime or video game :3

Kaito belongs to me >:D (I wish)
You belong to yourself (or me if you want :D)

Not my picture
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